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8 Beef Cuts You Didn't Know You Needed to Try

By Caitlin Postal - Steak, scotch, and the line where the sky meets the sea.

Everyone knows that a good steak — and I'm talking a really good steak — is worth savoring every bite. But the whole cow offers a lot more than just filets and ribeyes. Today is all about eight cuts you didn't know you needed to try. Foodies everywhere, fork up.

8. Plate Ribs

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Plate Ribs come from the sternum area, below the go-to ribs. Plate Ribs carry a hefty layer of meat, packed with juicy flavor. They're a classic BBQ go-to and taste great on a smoker.

7. Stew Beef

Kebabs, anyone? In the summer, skewer Stew Beef then grill for a handheld crowd-pleaser. As summer ends and a chill fills the air, slow cook hearty stew for a savory dish. Bet you didn't know stew beef could be an all-season treat.

Bavette steak

6. Bavette Steak

AKA the Sirloin Flap. This bistro cut comes from the bottom sirloin, beneath the flank. Calling it bavette refers to this steak being cut thing. Great for marinades and grilling, try it in fajitas.

Stir fry beef

5. Stir Fry Beef

Trim from all the best stuff? Yum. Juicy, tender beef, pre-cut into convenient pieces that are perfect for stir fry. Just add your favorite veggies and sauce to sauté a quick and delicious meal.

Top round roast

4. Top Round Roast

Top Round is great for do-it-yourself beef jerky. Culinary DIY makes this a must-try. The Top Round Roast is lean and flavorful, all while being extremely tender. Not in a jerky mood? Try sous vide or mix it up for stew.

Raw shank

3. Shank

Cooking with Shank is interesting because the meat is packed with rich flavors and Marrow Bones are nutrient-dense. With a longer cook time to break down the meat and draw out the natural marrow, shank becomes a celebrated entree. Roast the bones then scoop out marrow to spoon onto toast or spread on a sandwich. As cool weather rolls in, roast the bones then simmer in a stockpot to create hearty bone broth.

Smoked brisket

2. Whole Brisket

Brisket is cut from the hard-working breast muscle and needs to be cooked "low and slow" to maximize tenderness and flavor. But when it's good, it's goooooood. You could get different cuts but why not go for the whole brisket in the Packer Cut? From deli-style pastrami to Texas BBQ, the Packer cut is perfect for meat-eaters everywhere.

Cooked beef heart

1. Heart

Offal isn't awful! Really embody the whole cow mentality by cooking up a storm with the Heart. It'll bring you closer to your meal and to yourself.

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