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Offal includes the internal organs and the bones, offering a vast range of flavors and textures. These cuts are also known to be extremely nutritious. From boiled Tongue to Bone Broth to Beef Tallow to succulent Braised Oxtail, Offal has a great deal to offer the adventurous palate.

Try these amazing Offal Recipes:

Elevated Liver and Onions

An elevated twist on a classic with bacon, sweet onions, mushrooms and a kiss of sweet balsamic.

Becky's Favorite Oxtail Stew

Enjoy Becky Harlow's favorite oxtail soup recipe from Jamie Oliver.

Heart-y Tacos

Heart is a cut to celebrate! It's lean, flavorful, and delicious in tacos.

Cowboy Coffee Beef Stew

with Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Biscuits

Slow-Cooker Beef Tongue Tacos

Beef tongue stars in classic Mexican and Chinese dishes, and it's super easy to prepare.

Rendered Leaf Fat

Rendered beef fat makes for flakey pastry crusts or the perfect base for roasting up potatoes.

Garlic Marinated Hanger Steak

Roasting garlic mellows out its flavor, creating a perfect accompaniment for sautéed hanger steak.

Braised Beef Cheeks

Plate braised beef cheeks with mashed potatoes, farro or another starch to balance out their richness.

Citrus-Cayenne Beef Tongue

Often overlooked, beef tongue becomes truly savory and tender after simmering in broth for several hours.

Winter Oxtail Stew

Oxtail is full of connective tissue, making it a perfect cut for low and slow braising.

Slow-Braised Szechuan Beef Tendons

Common in Asian cuisine, beef tendons are best served after hours of braising. Top over udon noodles for a restaurant-inspired meal.

Spiced Beef Heart Jerky

Make an even "beefier" jerky by replacing your standard round roast with beef heart.

Sauteed Beef Liver

Carrots and mushrooms are added to beef liver for a mild, earthy flavor.

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