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Top Round Steak

These round cuts are from the rear legs, a part that remains tight and rigid as its role supports weight and balance. Commonly cut into about 1”-thick rectangular pieces, the steaks allow for a short and convenient cooking time. It’s a very popular cut, as they’re also commonly referred to as the Topside and Silverside Cuts or as the Outside Round.

The lean state of the Bottom and Top Round Steaks prefer moist-heat cooking methods such as braising to preserve the moisture (as opposed to grilling, which is dry-heat). These round cuts are exceptional when cooked with the sous-vide method. Popular dishes using these Round Steaks include the Italian Bresaola (air dried and salted beef), Swiss Steak (pounded and then braised with tomatoes and mushrooms), or various meat pies.

Recipes for Top Round Steak

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