100% Grass Fed Lamb, sustainably raised on lush pastures without antibiotics or growth hormones. Mild, balanced flavor, naturally tender and juicy. Learn More

Committed to Purity

Roaming freely on the lush pastures of New Zealand year-round, our 100% grass-fed lamb grazes on the freshest, most succulent grasses that nature provides, allowing its natural flavor to shine through in every bite. Sourced from animals exclusively grass-fed year-round, this lamb features remarkable tenderness, leanness, and a mild, delicate flavor.

From Pasture to Plate

Raised outdoors, New Zealand’s long daylight hours and abundant rainfall allow sheep to graze on lush pastures year-round, producing tender, succulent, naturally lean grass-fed lamb. Known for its tenderness and low-fat content, each bite offers a delicious burst of flavor without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Highly efficient and low-intensity farming practices in New Zealand, with high tree coverage, result in a nearly carbon-neutral footprint.

Lamb Cooking Guide

Cut Method
Lamb Racks Roasted & Grilled
Loin Chops Pan Fried, Grilled & Broiled
Ground Grilled, Browned, Roasted & More

Lamb Cooking Times

Doneness Internal Temp Time Per LB
Rare 125°F 15-20 Minutes
Medium Rare 130-135°F 20-25 Minutes
Medium 140-145°F 25-30 Minutes
Well 155-165°F 30-35 Minutes

Note: The above guidelines are only guard rails. Stove tops, grills, and ovens all vary. Cook times should also take into account thickness of meat. To achieve a perfectly cooked lamb, always check temperature intermittently; a meat thermometer comes in handy.

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Sticky Chinese Five Spice Lamb Chops

The honey soy glaze, infused with Chinese five spice, transforms tender Lamb Loin Chops into a delectable masterpiece.

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Keema with Yogurt and Chili Lamb Pizza

In just 45 minutes, you'll create a culinary masterpiece that's a fusion of vibrant Indian flavors and the comfort of pizza.

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