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How to Eat Dungeness Crab


Dungeness Crab arrives as pre-cooked individual legs. Each leg has score marks, making the prep process as simple as snap and eat! No crab crackers needed!

by Ashely Besecker


  • 2lbs Dungeness Crab


  1. Find score on thin end of leg. Push on the opposite side of score to snap. Remove piece, and set aside to use as tool to remove meat if desired.
  2. Take translucent piece around the shoulder. Peel away avoiding losing as much meat as possible.
  3. Snap score just below shoulder piece to remove knuckle. Remove meat from shell.
  4. Repeat on opposite end, leaving middle flat piece of leg intact.
  5. Snap off bottom knuckle. You will notice a tendon at the top of this piece. Remove meat and set aside.
  6. Take final piece and snap by pushing on opposite side of score. Slide shells off. (This is the best piece of meat!)
  7. Collect all de-shelled crab and enjoy!

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