Let's Cook Some Turkey

Here are some recipe ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How to Thaw a Turkey

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Your turkey will arrive frozen, with enough time to fully thaw it before Thanksgiving. Here’s how you can defrost your turkey worry-free.

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Rebecca Carter's Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

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Thanks to Rebecca Carter for submitting this turkey recipe. She says, "Note the high level of crispness! This recipe yields a juicy, golden turkey every time without fail."

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Ken Gauthreaux's Thanksgiving Baked Turkey

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Crowd Cow Nation member Ken submitted this turkey recipe. He says, "I have tried turkey's cooked many different ways and hands down this is the best one I've ever tasted!"

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Pear-Brined Turkey with Thyme, Garlic, and Sage

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Pasture-raised turkey brined in pear juice, garlic, and herbs is exactly what your Thanksgiving Table needs.

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Classic Roast Turkey

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The simplest and most classically delicious of turkey recipes for a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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