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Press Release: Crowd Cow Beefs Up Cyber Monday with Savings on the Rarest Steak in the World, Olive Wagyu

By Jon Whitely
Press Release: Crowd Cow Beefs Up Cyber Monday with Savings on the Rarest Steak in the World, Olive Wagyu

Crowd Cow, the marketplace for craft meat, is offering $20 off select cuts of Olive Wagyu, the rarest steak in the world, on Cyber Monday. There are only 2,200 Olive Wagyu cows on the planet, all living on a handful of farms in Japan's Kagawa prefecture. Only a few are harvested each month.

“This is a special unlike any other you’ll find because only Crowd Cow has the direct farm relationships in Japan to bring the finest Wagyu beef to U.S. customers,” said Crowd Cow co-founder Joe Heitzeberg. “Your friends and family will know this is Crowd Cow Wagyu when they taste it, but you’ll have to check our website early and often to get some, because this rare and exceptional beef is available in extremely limited quantities.”

Crowd Cow worked with the governor of Kagawa prefecture to bring Olive Wagyu to US customers for the first time last year, working with three of the top producers who upcycle olive pulp from olive oil producers as part of the feed for their cattle. The result is exceptionally high levels of oleic acid, the healthy fat that gives this beef its extraordinary softness and melt-in-your-mouth feel, and which won “best fat” at the last year’s Wagyu Olympics in Japan.

Crowd Cow is also offering a Cyber Monday only Japanese Wagyu Meat Flight. The flight includes an A5 Kagoshima Striploin Steak, an A5 Olive Wagyu Striploin Steak and an A4 Olive Wagyu Striploin Steak. One day only, while supplies last.
This and other holiday specials can be found at

More information about Olive Wagyu can be found at

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