An assortment of truly pasture-raised beef, pork and chicken — so you always have our best-sellers on hand.

Multi-Protein Boxes

Feed the whole family with these multi-protein boxes from the top 1% of farms.

"Crowd Cow partners with such a wide variety of farms that it really gives customers like me the opportunity to experience the unique spectrum of the flavor of seafood, beef, pork, and chicken that's just not available from your typical grocery store."
— Leon K, California

Beef Boxes

Beef up your freezer with these beef-lover meat boxes

"All the beef I’ve purchased from Crowd Cow has been first rate. Shipping is very fast and meat arrives with plenty of dry ice still keeping it solidly frozen. I love the new packaging that is no longer styrofoam."
— Adrienne S, California

"Delicious sustainable chicken that I don’t have to worry about."
— Sally J, California

Heritage Pork Boxes

If you’re a bacon lover, we dare you to taste the difference of pasture-raised pork.

"We enjoyed our Heritage pork chops for dinner this evening. They had the flavor of what pork truly was many years ago, and why we enjoyed it so much. Today's pork is basically tasteless, unless you "dress" it up. All that the Heritage pork required was a little salt and pepper to enjoy the fabulous flavor."
— Ronald A, New York

"I have immensely appreciated the ability to purchase small quantities of different meat and now seafood delivered frozen to my home."
— Louise D, Colorado

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