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Taste the Difference from Farm to Farm

"Hands down the best steak I have ever had. Huge win." - Jeff Rossen of the Today Show’s Rossen Report


With true pasture-raised steaks, you can taste the difference from farm to farm. Share this exclusive experience with friends and family.

Experience Craft Meat

These craft meat flights are for the food explorers, the dinner partiers, the appetizer planners, the BBQ enthusiasts, and the flavor-demanding meat lovers. We paired each cut with tasting note cards, so you and your friends can explore each meat's unique flavor and texture profile, and discover what your own palate prefers. There'll be no need to guess at your meat order anymore after this craft meat experience. Whether you turn these tasting flights into a blind taste test or a casual appetizer tasting, either way, your dinner parties will become the talk of the town.

Experience Craft Meat Image

Rossen Reports: Know your farmer, taste the difference.

Jeff Rossen of Today Show’s Rossen Reports spent years revealing truths behind our everyday lives, from cell phones to flying to security tips. He has a passion for amazing food and a desire to know where his food comes from, this quest led him to Crowd Cow. "I've always been in the business of showing, not telling, and this product checks all the boxes. Hands down the best steak I have ever had. Huge win" - Jeff Rossen

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