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Kagoshima Wagyu

These A5 Japanese Wagyu tenderloin cubes are cut from the same muscle as the filet mignon towards the ends of the muscle (the tips and the tails). Perfect for testing the waters of A5 Japanese Wagyu, enjoy these delicious morsels with friends by quickly searing on high heat with a pinch of salt for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Just like the larger Filet Mignon, these cubes hail from the Wagyu Olympics award-winning Kagoshima prefecture and are mind-blowingly tender and chocked full of the “good fats” (omega-3 & omega-6) and umami-producing oleic acid. Very few of these are produced given the nature of the muscle, so act fast if you happen to catch them in stock.

Cut to approximately ¾”-1” chunks, these are packed together in a single vacuum sealed pack.

Rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars
Kagoshima Farms
Kagoshima Farms

A5 Wagyu from Japan. Its intense marbling and rich taste will send your umami sensors soaring while it literally melts in your mouth. This is some of the most sought-after beef in the world, curated from the best producers we can find and brought directly to your kitchen table.

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