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Autumn's Harvest

Tim & Sarah Haws | Romulus, NY

What Makes Autumn's Harvest Beef So Special

Tucked away in the Fingerlakes Region of New York, Autumn’s Harvest raises 100% grass-fed, grass-finished Murray Grey cows. While not too common in the US, Murray Greys are a popular species in Australia and New Zealand known for growing big and meaty on a pure grass diet. Raised by husband-and-wife team Tim and Sarah Hawes, Autumn’s Harvest beef is robust and beautifully marbled.

Autumns Harvest

Tim and Sarah are first generation farmers, and have put years of time and attention learning what it takes to build a sustainable farm. Early in his farming career, Tim spent time with farming pioneer Joel Salatin, and uses the same multi-species grazing practices he learned from Joel where all the animals – cows, pigs and chickens – work together to keep the land rich and fertile.

Autumns Harvest

The farm is a model of sustainable agriculture, which has led to it being Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grass Fed by A Greener World. Walk around and you’ll see solar powered pumps that bring water direct to the cows, and underground drainage that flows to a manmade pond that gives native wildlife a place to cool down and drink freshwater. Tim and Sarah’s dedication to their land doesn’t just keep it healthy. It also creates the perfect environment to raise some of the most tender, juicy beef we’ve ever enjoyed. And to boot, it's free of growth hormones, added antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs.

Cooking Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef

Grass-fed, grass-finished beef is delicious, make no mistake about it. Speaking of mistakes, many people who write-off grass-fed beef make the mistake of preparing it the same as the grain-finished beef that they're so used to. At Crowd Cow, we've found more often than not, that the difference between a great grass-fed steak and a sub-par one all comes down to knowing how to cook it correctly.

At Crowd Cow, we've had the good fortune to taste a lot of grass-fed, grass-finished beef -- from different cuts and different producers. We've found that grass fed beef usually takes 25-30% less time to cook. You might be used to cooking your rib steaks 4 minutes per side, but for grass-fed beef, you'll want to only give it 3 minutes. Better yet, try sous-viding your grass-fed steaks or preparing them with a reverse-sear.

Lastly, consider a marinade or rub. These can often overwhelm more-mellow grain-finished beef, but are perfect for rounding out the flavor of grass-fed beef, and marinades in particular are helpful in keeping the meat moist, preventing it from overcooking and drying out.

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