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Organic, Non-GMO & Antibiotic-Free

Set on flourishing farmlands with a rich history of agriculture and innovation, Shenandoah Valley Organic (SVO) Farmer Focus is a partnership of family farms that are committed to raising chickens the right way through the most humane, clean and safe processes possible — ensuring a healthy source of nutrition for everyone at your table. Farmer Focus chickens are never given any antibiotics, and they simply don’t need them. Their birds stay healthier because they’re given space to roam and forage on bugs, grubs and tasty greens in their pasture as well as nutritious 100% Organic, non-GMO feed. This translates to chicken that’s tender, juicy and full of mouth-watering flavor.

Healthy Chicken

Animals and Farmers in Mind

All Farmer Focus partner farms are Certified Humane and certified by the Global Animal Partnership, so high animal welfare standards are a guarantee. In contrast to the tightly-packed houses of other operations, Farmer Focus chickens have perches and enrichments to encourage natural behaviors, plus access to plenty of space, sun, shade and shelter. The company also focuses on farmer relationships, partnering with farms that meet their high standards while trusting them as the experts they truly are. This means family-farms retain their independence and allows farmers ownership of their chickens, their feed and control of their operations — raising their flocks the way they know is right.

A Bridge For You

Each partner farm has its own unique story and identity — and Farmer Focus celebrates that. Through full transparency and traceability, you can learn more about the farmer and family behind your meal just by entering the Farm ID code included on each order. And whether you’re supporting farmers who just became new parents or farmers living their retirement dream, you can feel good knowing you’re contributing to the success of farms rooted in agricultural best practices and purchasing food produced with integrity.

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