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Raising the Bar

Kvarøy Arctic (pronounced “Kwa-ray”) is a third-generation family business that’s raising the bar for sustainably raised salmon, bringing the mild, buttery flavor this fish is known for to more dinner tables around the world. Their ASC-certified salmon has a semi-firm to firm texture, a naturally rich and silky mouthfeel, and a crisp clean taste. It’s also a healthy choice with double the omega-3s of other farmed salmon, which is achieved naturally by using fermented microalgae (instead of small feeder fish) as a sustainable source of this nutrient. The microalgae are what the feeder fish would consume, so the food chain is bypassed and the wild population remains untouched. Additionally, the non-GMO algae oil is efficiently produced using energy from spent sugarcane biomass; nothing is wasted.

Kvaroy Arctic Salmon

Innovative & Sustainable

Since their founding in 1976, Kvarøy has evolved open-water salmon farming into a sustainable practice that protects the environment and promotes animal welfare while providing a healthy source of protein for a growing world. Salmon supply is limited, but sustainable aquaculture makes it possible for us to enjoy the best seafood on the planet from viable, healthy sources. Kvarøy salmon are raised in open-net pens at a low 2% fish to 98% water density, and are fed a GMO-free diet made with trimmings from Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries. Every ingredient is traceable. They also use The Stingray laser system to kill potential sea lice (a very common ocean parasite) on the fish. The salmon itself is not harmed by the laser because its shiny flesh acts as a mirror to reflect the beams. This technology in combination with the pristine environment where they’re raised eliminates the need for antibiotics and helps keep populations healthy.

Kvaroy Worker

Community Based & Fair Trade Certified

Kvarøy is a remote island located on the Norwegian Inner Passage on the Arctic Circle, and made up of a close-knit community of about 80 people (about a third of whom work for the Kvarøy Arctic operation). Kvarøy has helped to build schools, has created aquaculture education programs and has even created scholarship funds. They’re also Fair Trade Certified, which not only requires strict environmental, social and ethical standards to be met for the aquaculture operation, but also provides a premium directly to its farmers and workers to support community development projects and education. Kvarøy has also earned certifications by Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Global G.A.P., and the American Heart Association.

Kvaroy Workers

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