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Iceland's Sustainability Standards

For an island nation like Iceland, protecting the health of its fisheries and supporting its fishermen is paramount. That’s why Iceland leads the world in sustainable fisheries management, which includes setting strict quotas and fishing area restrictions as just one part of the management plan. Iceland has one of the most technologically-advanced and efficient data tracking systems to monitor every wild species, helping to eliminate waste and keep fish populations in check. Read more This system helps Niceland provide "full traceability from sea-to-pan" for all of the fish it sources, whether from the most pristine aquaculture operations to the most responsibly-managed wild fisheries.

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Catch Methods

Trawl vessels in Iceland are mid-water or bottom trawling, and are assigned specific fishing areas to limit ecosystem impact (for example, they’re never allowed in spawning areas). Furthermore, in Iceland it's illegal to throw bycatch back into the sea — everything that is landed must be used to maintain accurate data of each species. This bycatch law is unique to Iceland and one of the many reasons Iceland is recognized for excellence in fisheries management globally. In fact, Wolffish is never a "targeted" fish, and is technically bycatch of the haddock and cod fishing boats.

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Wild Icelandic Wolffish

Wolffish is lesser-known species in the US, but prized by European chefs and known as a delicacy in Icelandic culture. It has a sweeter taste and firm, almost crab-like texture — meatier than a lot of other white fish and with a higher fat content. Its mild yet oceanic flavor is derived from a diet of crustaceans and small fish. Niceland's Arctic Wolffish is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and is in season from March through September. This certification is a way of showing that a fishery meets international best practices and maintains sustainable stocks, minimizes environmental impact and effectively manages their fisheries.


Sustainably Raised Arctic Char

Found in the deep and icy waters of glacial lakes and arctic coastal waters, Arctic Char is closely related to both salmon and trout — ranging from a light pink to deep red in color, with a mild, buttery taste and silky-smooth texture. Well-suited for aquaculture, Arctic Char is both delicious and sustainable, a truly versatile fish that’s gaining in popularity around the world. Learn more about this ASC-certified fish here.

Arctic Char

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