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“It's the most pristine wild salmon in the world.”
— Tom Douglas, James Beard Award Winner

King vs Sockeye vs Coho Flavors

Coho Salmon is a slightly leaner variety of salmon than Sockeye and King. It has a milder flavor, which is perfect for those who enjoy more subtle-tasting fish. It packs more flavor than a fillet of white fish, but is much milder than the fuller flavor of Sockeye or King Salmon.

Sockeye Salmon is the firmest, reddest of all wild Pacific salmon. It’s a full-flavored fish with high-fat content. Compared to Coho, Sockeye has a denser, meatier texture and a more intense flavor.

King Salmon is the largest of Pacific salmons and has the highest omega-3 oil content. It is a delicious, rich-flavored fish that has a more succulent, tender texture than Sockeye or Coho Salmon.

Is Copper River Salmon All Hype?

All salmon instinctively return to the spawning ground of their birth, and these have adapted over thousands of years to survive 300 miles of cold, glacier-fed, fast-running wild water, resulting in the fattiest, MOST delicious and highly sought-after Salmon in the world. Watch to get the inside scoop on our Copper River fisherman partner, one of only a handful of Copper River Salmon fisherman with complete traceability.

Know Your Alaskan Salmon Source

Rich Wheeler is one of a tiny group of fisherman allowed to catch Copper River Salmon, and is one of a handful with 100% traceability. With each salmon fillet, you’ll receive a traceable identifier and authenticator so you can be certain you’re getting real authentic Copper River Salmon.

The Best Flavor Requires the Best Process

Rich created his own tiny processing plant together with a few other fisherman so he could control the end-to-end process and achieve higher quality. From hand portioning, to individually packing each cut in parchment paper, he goes to unheard-of lengths to create the best product.

100% Bleach-Free: While most processors use a combination of bleach and citric acid to clean the fish, Rich uses an ozonator to clean his fish without affecting flavor, texture or your health.

Copper River Salmon Recipe

After you purchase Copper River Salmon, if you're in need of a new recipe, there is one we recommend trying from Savor the Best, a from-scratch food blog that focuses on using only ancient grains and wholesome foods. Their Broiled Copper River King Salmon Recipe produces a healthy, succulent and delicious special dinner-for-two. Get the recipe here.

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