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Cut of the Week

On our never-ending quest to bring you the best craft meats in an unparalleled variety of cuts, we’ve made some sublime discoveries — this week we’re serving up Sirloin Tip Steak.

Cut of the Week | Sirloin Tip Steak

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Region | A lean cut with beef-forward flavor, Sirloin Tip Steak originates from a spot in the hindquarter just above the knee, mostly in the Round primal. Why mostly? Because the Sirloin Tip is technically part of both the Round and Loin Primals -- roughly 75% in the Round, 25% in the Loin.

Preparation | Sirloin Tip Steak works great for kicky kabobs or as the beefy morsels in a hearty stew. This lean cut has a great beef flavor base, creating the perfect backdrop for any spice you have in mind. To layer flavor, add any salt-free dry rubs at least 40-minutes before cooking. When using wet-marinades, try oil-based recipes to add fat. Avoid acidic marinades to keep from chemically cooking your steak. Sirloin Tip Steak's incredible versatility works into nearly any cuisine.

Cooking Tips | Sirloin Tip Steak is a lean cut that will benefit from any cooking method that allows for tenderization. Sous vide, braising, pressure or slow cooking will work great for softening up the steak. Remember to schedule the time for these slower cooking methods. Going the sous vide route could take up to 12 hours. However, a Sirloin Tip Steak is just that — a steak. Cook your Sirloin Tip like any other steak — hot and fast, aiming for rare or medium-rare on the doneness scale. Slice it thin for best results.

Why We Love It | Sirloin Tip Steak has a nice beefiness and is a great value. This is a cut with great versatility in terms of seasonings and applications. It’s easily a center-of-the-plate steak or the perfect partner for everything from creamy pasta to grilled veggies or warming stew. Name a beef-centric meal on your menu and chances are, a Sirloin Tip can play the part.

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