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How to BBQ Pork Butt/Shoulder Roast


Our heritage pork butt and shoulder roasts are highly marbled and well suited for a long low and slow smoke. Make the best pulled pork you have ever had.

How to BBQ Pork Butt/Shoulder Roast


  • Pork Butt or Shoulder Roast
  • Dry rub of choice
Prep time
5 minutes
Cook time
8 hours


  1. Trim excess fat from pork and add a dry rub of choice.
  2. Smoke at 225-250°F.
  3. When meat hits 160°F, wrap in butcher paper or foil. If desired, wrap in a tray with flavored liquid such as beef stock or BBQ sauce.
  4. Cook until internal temperature reaches 200°F. Time varies, but aim for 1.5 hours per pound of pork.
  5. Remove, let cool and enjoy!

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