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Shodoshima Olive Wagyu

Almost mythical, intensely marbled, richly-umami flavored — the rarest steak on the planet is here! Enter our Great Wagyu Giveaway below for your chance to win our Olive + Kagoshima tasting flight.


We’re offering two incredibly-rare Wagyu steaks — A4 Olive Wagyu striploin (13oz) and A5 Kago Wagyu ribeye (15oz) — to one lucky Steakholder. For your chance to win, input your email below and follow the instructions on our Instagram post announcing The Great Wagyu Giveaway. Find out the rules >>

The Great Wagyu Giveaway

Enter your email for your chance to win "Taste Olive the Differences." Winner will be contacted via email.

A4 Olive Wagyu Steaks


A4 Olive Ribeyes and New York Strip Steaks

(Approximately 4 lbs) The A4 Olive Wagyu Ribeye is incredibly marbled. The Striploin balances rich flavor, texture, and tenderness. This share includes two 16oz A4 Wagyu Ribeye Steaks and two 16oz A4 Wagyu Striploin Steaks. Learn more


A4 Olive New York Strip Steak Pack

(Approximately 3 lbs) Pound-for-pound our best value share, this is the perfect share to host an A4 Olive Wagyu tasting with friends, while still having a steak or two to keep for yourself. Well-marbled and tender, this cut is a favorite among chefs. This share includes four 12oz A4 Wagyu Striploin Steaks. Learn more


A4 Olive Tenderloin Steak

(Approximately 5oz) One perfect A4 Olive Wagyu Tenderloin, more tender than any of its counterparts around the world. Learn more


A4 Olive Ribeye Steak

(Approximately 14oz) One show-stopping, finely marbled A4 Olive Wagyu Ribeye, cut to 3/4-inch thickness. Learn more


A4 Olive New York Strip Steak

(Approximately 12oz) One unforgettable A4 Olive Wagyu Striploin Steak with texture, tenderness, and rich flavor in perfect balance. Cut in the Japanese style to 3/4 inch. Learn more


A4 Olive Petite New York Strip Steaks

(Approximately 8oz) Our petite New York strip steaks are a great way to get a taste of sublime, Olive Wagyu in a manageable portion size. This share includes two 4oz of A4 Wagyu Petite Striploin. Learn more

What is Olive Wagyu?

Olive Wagyu is raised on a handful of farms in and around Shodoshima Island in Japan's smallest prefecture, Kagawa. Olive Wagyu brings everything you've come to love about Wagyu, but is far, far rarer and packs a more powerful umami flavor.

Only a small amount of Olive Wagyu is harvested per month, because only a few farmers on the planet — all clustered in coastal Kagawa — raise it.

Crowd Cow travelled to the small cow-shaped island of Shodoshima to visit the farmers and learn the history.

Olive Eating Cattle

Crowd Cow sources from three small farms in Kagawa that upcycle wasted olive pulp from olive oil production as feed for their cows, which results in exceptionally high levels of oleic acid (that's the healthy fat that gives this beef its extraordinary softness and melt-in-your-mouth feel).

We met with Masaki Ishii, the olive beef creator to learn more.

First Hand Experience's

"One of my dreams just came true. I ate some of my wagyu steak I thawed which came from you. It melts in your mouth for real. I could not imagine how that could happen but now I know. I like juicy steak and eat mine always very rare. But this steak was juicy not from blood but from fat which melts in your mouth. I knew I was eating beef but never had that texture before. I will make a few meals out of it. I am in heaven. It was sublime. The salt was awesome. I am so happy I found you guys."

“After tasting the A5 wagyu striploin, I am afraid to go back to anything else. It truly was an experience, and I want to thank Crowd Cow for making that possible.”

“That was such a delicious cut of wagyu, big ups guys! Please keep me informed on the next batch you guys get. Thanks for the unforgettable experience.”

Olive beef is so rare, it's hard to find even in Japan.

Crowd Cow travelled to the small cow-shaped island of Shodoshima to visit the farmers and learn the history.

Also, learn Why you should pay attention to A4 Wagyu


Olive Wagyu Press Kit

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"Life changing. No joke."