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Pasture Raised
Rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars
Pasture Raised
Rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars
Rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Pasture Raised
Rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars

Project Smoke Rubs

No-Prep Smokehouse Favorites

On the days you need dinner in a pinch, look no further than the smokehouse favorites from Steven Raichlen’s Planet BBQ. These chef-approved dishes are ready to heat and eat — all the hard work (including the low and slow wood smoking) has been done for you. From Smoky Baked Beans to Texas-Style Prime Brisket and hickory infused Duroc Pork Ribs, these BBQ classics keep everyone coming back for more.

Raichlen Brisket

Consistent Quality, Humane Practices

All meat is raised on a network of family farms in the US, with a focus on superior Black Angus & Duroc genetics, exceptional cattle and hog management practices, and carefully controlled high-quality feeding. The Black Angus cattle graze on lush pastures throughout the midwest, and are finished on high quality corn-based feed that enhances meat tenderness and flavor. The Duroc hogs are humanely raised crate-free and fed a 100% vegetarian diet, using a “never ever” program without use of hormones or antibiotics.

Raichlen Ribs

World-Influenced Barbecue Rubs

Author, journalist, lecturer and TV host, Steven Raichlen is the man who reinvented modern barbecue. From the international blockbuster books Barbecue Bible and How to Grill to the popular TV shows Project Fire and Project Smoke on PBS, you’ve likely come across Raichlen in the culinary space. He is a master of the grilling craft and of barbecue flavor — and his curated spice collection showcases this. After exploring global cuisines and barbecue from around the world, Raichlen developed essential spice blends every grill master must have in their kitchen. Vibrant and versatile, these rubs infuse an exciting palette of flavors to your meals and bring your center-of-the-plate protein (or veggies and sides) to a whole new level.

Steven Raichlen Rubs

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