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White Oak Pastures

Turkeys were meant to roam free, and these turkeys do just that. They are are never locked away and restricted to cramped interior feedlots. Instead, they hunt for bugs and grubs among the trees, and are supplied with a non-GMO supplement, which contains grains like corn, soy, barley and wheat.

White Oak Pastures

Zero Waste Process

They never receive antibiotics or artificial growth hormones or steroids, and are processed in a zero-waste processing abattoir. This natural upbringing is what gives these birds their impeccable flavor. Their natural diet translates to a higher Omega-3 fatty acid count and leaner, healthier meat that shows when you taste it.

White Oak Turkey

Meet Will Harris

Award-winning farmer Harris is a legitimate star, not just in his native Georgia, but around the world, where his iconic work in conservancy is continually celebrated. Troubled by the shortcuts and conventional, chemical-driven direction he was seeing within his industry, Harris radically transformed his 150-year-old farm 20 years ago by taking it back to the basics. Today, White Oak Pastures stands as a leader of zero-waste, regenerative, symbiotic farming.

Will Harris

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