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The Tomahawk Steak

What is a Tomahawk Steak?

A tomahawk steak is a bone-in ribeye steak that has been trimmed to resemble the shape of a tomahawk, cut from the beef rib. It's a cut that includes the eye of ribeye, the ribeye cap, and the complexus. The long bone that is left whole and trimmed for a “Frenched” look is what makes the cut look like it has a ‘handle’ like a tomahawk axe. A tomahawk steak witout the handle is also known as the cowboy steak. A typical tomahawk steak weighs about 1.5 pounds and is about 3 inches thick, but can be as massive as 2 pounds. It is a very flavorful cut of meat that is best cooked over high heat to bring out its natural flavor. When cooked properly, it has a rich flavor and a tender texture. This steak is not only great for grilling but also for pan-searing, broiling, or roasting. It should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F.

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Tomahawk Steak Cooking Guides

Method Cook Temp Avg Time Finish Temp
Smoke 180°F 3-4 hrs 145°F
Grill 450°F 25-30 mins 145°F
Bake 450°F 35-40 mins 145°F

Note: The above guidelines are only guardrails. Stoves, pans and steak sizes vary; to achieve the perfectly cooked Tomahawk Steak, it's always good to have a meat thermometer handy and check internal temp regularly.


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Tomahawk Steak FAQ

What's so special about a tomahawk steak?

The tomahawk steak is basically a ribeye steak with about five inches of rib bone left intact. The bone adds additional flavor depending on how you prepare it. The long bone also gives it its signature look.