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★★★★★ “This turkey is the best I’ve ever had — moist, tender and flavorful!” — Ethan of Greeley, Colorado ★★★★★ “This turkey is the best I’ve ever had — moist, tender and flavorful!” — Ethan of Greeley, Colorado

The Juiciest in America

Greg Gunthorp has dedicated his entire life to raising the best turkeys to create the best Thanksgivings. These turkeys are truly pasture-raised, free to roam and forage like turkeys are meant to. When a turkey is raised right it simply tastes unlike anything you can get at the store. Year after year, this is our single highest-rated product.

The Healthiest Choice

The Gunthorp family in La Grange, Indiana raise Broad-breasted White Turkeys on pasture. The flock roams free on Certified Organic pasture and they never receive hormones or antibiotics. The birds enjoy natural diets from foraging, and a supplementary, "free choice" non-GMO turkey feed that maximizes the growth and flavor of the turkey. Their natural diet means these birds have more omega-3 fatty acids than factory-farmed turkeys.

A Family Tradition

The Gunthorp family has been in the business of farming since before the Great Depression, raising their animals on pasture the entire time, even as industrial production boomed around them and threatened to put pasture-based farmers out of business.

Most of the poultry you find at the grocery store goes through a giant processing plant that uses large amounts of chlorine and other chemicals to make sure the bird is bacteria-free. By contrast, the Gunthorps built a small processing plant on their farm so they could clean the birds naturally, with water alone -- no chlorine.

This year, make the Gunthorp family tradition part of your family tradition.

Cook The Perfect Turkey

Plan Ahead - Our turkeys are flash-frozen which preserves the quality at its peak and are then delivered right to your front door. Make sure to give yourself 3-5 days to fully thaw your turkey. Brine, fry, or baste and roast -- whatever method you choose, this will be your best-tasting bird yet.

Carve the Turkey - Ensure your turkey is as juicy as possible by letting it rest for 20-30 minutes before carving, as this will allow the juices to distribute evenly throughout the bird.

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