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Mishima Reserve Ultra Wagyu

By Crowd Cow

We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to our esteemed wagyu assortment: Mishima Reserve Ultra Wagyu. The “Ultra” grade represents the créme de la crème of Mishima Reserve’s carefully bred herd. The pinnacle of American Wagyu, this distinctive grade of beef is in a class of its own.

The Best Of The Best

Carefully selected Japanese-heritage, 100% Kuroge Washu bulls are bred with American cows, then raised right here in the United States! This cross of breeds creates a “best of the best” when it comes to wagyu: the classic beefiness of American cows meets the tender, rich, and healthier qualities of Japanese Wagyu.

Why Ultra?

The “Ultra” tag isn’t given to just any cattle – only the finest 30% of Mishima Reserve’s herd meets the demands for this special wagyu. The main requirement for this exceptional selection is an abundance of intramuscular fat, also known as marbling, which is a hallmark of Mishima Reserve’s American Wagyu beef. The chosen cattle all score between an eight and ten BMS rating. It is this intricate fat marbling that creates an incredibly buttery, deep flavor that is highly desirable. The eight to ten BMS rating is actually equivalent to an A5 Wagyu cut in Japan!

Perfect for those who want to indulge in the “treat yourself” richness of a higher-rated cut, the flavor profile of Mishima Reserve Ultra Wagyu is unforgettable. The fine lines of marbled fat melt during cooking and impart a tender texture and decadent flavor. If you're a steak lover looking to take your culinary experience to the next level, or if you're curious about the world of Wagyu beef, Mishima Reserve Ultra Wagyu cuts are the perfect choice.

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