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Elevate weeknight meals with New Zealand Spring Lamb Loin Chops. Known for their tenderness, these chops are perfect for quick grilling or pan searing. Enhance their natural flavors with classic pairings like zesty lemon, aromatic garlic, and fragrant rosemary. Redefine your dining experience with these exquisite lamb loin chops.

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New Zealand Spring Lamb

Family-farmer owned, New Zealand Spring Lamb reigns as North America's top Grass Fed lamb brand. Their lambs graze on lush New Zealand pastures, resulting in naturally tender, lean meat with a pure, mild flavor. Committed to sustainability and animal welfare, they offer traceability and assurance throughout operations.

From Pasture to Plate

New Zealand Spring Lamb is more than a business; it's a collective effort led by exceptional farmers who excel in their fields. As a cooperative venture, they proudly belong to family farmers, and their commitment echoes in every step, From Pasture To Plate™. Impeccable assurance blankets their products, and they offer complete traceability for all New Zealand Spring Lamb offerings across their intricate network. Their farmers stand devoted to sustainable practices and animal well-being, nurturing livestock in stress-free, free-range environments that honor nature's course.

The Grass Fed Difference

For over half a century, New Zealand Spring Lamb's unwavering dedication has centered on bringing premium Grass Fed New Zealand Spring Lamb to your dining table. Their commitment to excellence extends to every detail; New Zealand Spring Lamb is nurtured without antibiotics or growth hormones, ensuring the highest level of all-natural quality. Fed on the bounty of fresh New Zealand grasses, our lamb embodies innate tenderness and leanness, accompanied by a mild, unadulterated flavor. Whether you're orchestrating a grand dinner affair or savoring a quiet culinary moment, our versatile lamb selection empowers your kitchen creativity to flourish.


Cook the Perfect Lamb

Unlock the full nutritional potential and savor the pristine, mild flavor of New Zealand Spring lamb with the right cooking techniques. Opt for methods like roasting, grilling, stewing, or slow cooking to preserve its nutritional richness while enhancing its inherent health benefits.

Cooking Methods

Cut Method
Lamb Racks Roasted & Grilled
Loin Chops Pan Fried, Grilled & Broiled
Ground Grilled, Browned, Roasted & More

Cooking Times

Doneness Internal Temp Time Per LB
Rare 125°F 15-20 Minutes
Medium Rare 130-135°F 20-25 Minutes
Medium 140-145°F 25-30 Minutes
Well 155-165°F 30-35 Minutes

Note: The above guidelines are only guard rails. Stove tops, grills, and ovens all vary. Cook times should also take into account thickness of meat. To achieve a perfectly cooked lamb, always check temperature intermittently; a meat thermometer comes in handy.

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