Exclusive: Japanese Wagyu Packer Brisket

Show-stopping marbling and flavor, sourced directly from Japan — we're bringing the world's best brisket to your doorstep.

We're upping our game once again by bringing our Steak Holders a legendary, exclusive, impossible-to-find-anywhere-else cut: the Japanese Wagyu Packer Brisket. We have a limited number of these beautiful works of art pieces of meat, with some weighing over 30lbs. The taste and marbling of these briskets is unparalleled, and sure to make them prized by backyard barbecuers and accomplished chefs alike. And yes, we'll even have a very very limited few Olive Wagyu Packer Briskets. Be sure to sign-up above to be notified when these are available, and for updates on more exclusive content (like how to trim and prepare one of these amazing cuts)!

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