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VIDEO: How To Grill Shrimp


Steps: Peel shrimp and season in large bowl Place shrimp on skewer w/ fruit & veggies Preheat grill to 350°F or medium heat Place skewers on center of grill Cook about 3 minutes then flip Cook additional 3 minutes or until opaque, then remove from grill Let rest for 5 minutes


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How to Grill Ribeye Steak

over 3 years ago

Steps: Oil Ribeyes & season with salt + pepper Preheat grill to 350°F (medium heat) Place Ribeyes in center of grill over direct heat Cook about 4-5 minutes, then rotate 45° for grill marks. Grill another 4-5 minutes, then flip Cook another 4-5 minutes then rotate. Finish cooking for 4-5 minutes or until internal temp reaches 135°F Total Cook Time: 15-20 minutes Remove from grill and rest for ...

How to Grill Tri-Tip Steak

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Steps: Oil and season both sides with salt pepper and olive oil. Preheat grill to 350°F. Place Tri-Tip at center of grill, direct heat. Cook for 5 minutes then flip. Cook for 5 more minutes then set to indirect heat. Remove after 20-30 minutes or when internal temperature reaches 150°F.
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