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Introducing Crowd Cow Local

By Joe Heitzeberg - Co-founder and CEO of Crowd Cow. I'm on Instagram at @jheitzeb.

At Crowd Cow, our mission is to bring you the best, highest quality meats, directly from the independent farmers -- because it turns out, what tastes better is also better for your health, the environment, the animals and the farmers raising them.

Our mission has taken us to farms all over the United States and all over the world, discovering the best farms and foods to bring to you, our customers.

Our mission has enabled us to bring you exotic delicacies like Olive-fed Wagyu from Japan, rare domestic breeds like Piedmontese beef and Berkshire pork, and hard-to-find cuts like Hanger and Denver steaks. Curating these incredible farms and foods from across the country and bringing them to your doorstep with a few clicks of the mouse is why you have told us that you love Crowd Cow.

SHOP: 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished craft beef

No hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics. Dry-aged beef.

But we also know that you, our customers care about more than just finding the highest quality, direct-sourced meats. You care about supporting local businesses. You care about reducing your carbon footprint, or as we like to call it at Crowd Cow, your carbon "FoodPrint". And you care about your pocketbook. This is why we are launching Crowd Cow Local (starting with Crowd Cow Local - Seattle and Crowd Cow Local - New York City).

As we have searched the United States for the best farms and foods, we have discovered incredible, high-quality meats from farmers who raise their animals close to the major metropolitan areas where our Crowd Cow customers live and work. And we have heard from thousands of independent farmers all over the country who believe in the Crowd Cow mission and want to connect directly with customers.

We realized that, through the Crowd Cow platform, we could build a local program, supporting all of these farmers, and helping them sell directly to local customers who would love to buy their product. And, in doing so, we could help our customers support local businesses, reduce the distance their food has to travel, and reduce the cost of our supply chain, which we could pass on as savings to our customers.

With Crowd Cow Local, you get the highest quality meats, raised by local farmers, delivered straight to your door, at grocery store prices. We hope you love Crowd Cow Local as much as we do. We are just getting started in a couple of cities, and look forward to bringing Crowd Cow local to communities all over the country!

Crowd Cow Local: "Farmers Market Quality, Grocery Store Prices"

Crowd Cow Local - Seattle

Crowd Cow Local - New York

SHOP: 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished craft beef

No hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics. Dry-aged beef.


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