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Wagyu Haikus! Winner & Runners-Up

Caroline Saunders
Caroline is working on a book about beef. Follow her on Twitter at @caro_saunders.

Congrats to Scott Evans! He's the winner of our A5 Wagyu Messermeister haiku contest, and he'll be receiving a Japanese chef's knife from Messermeister.

Scott's haiku really spoke to us. When we wrote all our favorites down on a whiteboard and tallied up the votes, his was the clear victor.

Scott Evans' winning haiku

Cleanse my soul with beef

Moving stuff, Scott.

And check out the runner-up haikus, too. They were just too great not to share.

Runner-up, submitted by Jeff Rohrer

Honorable mention #1

Runner-up, submitted by Alice Carmona

Honorable mention #3

Runner-up, submitted by James Parise

Honorable mention #2

Who knew the Crowd Cow herd was so poetic? Congrats, Scott, and thanks for the submissions, everyone! They sure put us in the A5 Wagyu mood.

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