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Grilling American Wagyu: Flat Irons & More!

Cook American Wagyu LIVE with Chef Joel!
July 27 | 4PM PT / 7 ET


THE $195 Mishima American Wagyu Griller Box

Like what you saw on Homemade with Chef Joel & Joe? Join ’em in cooking some of the finest beef at your own home with this epic Mishima American Wagyu Griller Box featuring premium cuts from Mishima Reserve’s Kuroge Washu Cross Beef. Our American Wagyu Bundle includes Mishima Reserve Flat Iron, Denver, Hanger and Rib Steaks, plus Mishima’s Wagyu Patties and Ground Beef for just $195 (that’s 25% off)!

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About the Workshop

Homemade founder and esteemed Chef Joel Gamoran, along with a very special guest from Crowd Cow, are cooking up some American Wagyu cuts that are perfect for your next cookout this summer, including Mishima Reserve’s Flat Iron Wagyu Steaks. Register for this FREE class and watch as the experts talk through cooking these cuts step-by-step.

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Meet Chef Joel Gamoran

Hailing from Seattle, Joel Gamoran brings a wealth of experience to the table. For a decade, Chef Joel served as the esteemed National Chef for Sur La Table. You may recognize him as the star of the TV cooking show "Scraps," where he showcased his innovative approach to cooking. Additionally, Chef Joel regularly shares his expertise on popular TV shows like Good Morning America. In 2022, he took his passion for cooking one step further by creating Homemade. This groundbreaking initiative offers free live-streamed cooking classes, making culinary skills accessible to all! Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey with Chef Joel Gamoran.

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Elevate Your Steak Experience

The first time you taste Mishima Reserve, you’ll know the difference. With its beautiful color, intricate marbling, and rich flavor, this is no ordinary cut of beef. In fact, everything Mishima Reserve does comes down to creating an unparalleled culinary experience. There are no shortcuts to the delectable tenderness and extraordinary flavor of Mishima Reserve, making this beef the premium choice to elevate any steak experience.