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How to BBQ Thick-Cut Steaks


Take any thick-cut steak or chop to the next level by doing a reverse sear using your smoker and finishing with a hot and fast sear on your grill.

How to BBQ Thick-Cut Steaks


  • Thick cut steak or chop
  • Simple rub or your favorite marinade
Prep time
5 minutes
Cook time
2 hours and 30 minutes


  1. Coat meat in a simple rub, salt and pepper or your favorite marinade.
  2. Smoke steak at 165°F.
  3. Remove from grill when meat hits an internal temperature of 110°F
  4. Remove from smoker and sear at high heat on the grill or on a hot cast-iron skillet with butter to lock in the juicy flavor of the meat.
  5. Cook until steak hits an internal temperature of 130°F
  6. Remove, slice and enjoy.

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