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Raised in open barns and fed a proprietary vegetarian mixture of corn and soy, Moulard ducks produce legs with exceptional flavor, texture, and fat content. Roast, confit, or braise these legs for a culinary delight that will elevate your dishes. Experience the pinnacle of quality with Hudson Valley air chilled Moulard duck legs.

Hudson Valley Farms

Since 1985, family-run Hudson Valley Farms in Ferndale, NY, has excelled in cultivating a premier hybrid duck breed known for its exceptional flavor, color, and texture. Committed to unwavering animal welfare, they employ cage-free, indoor barns, a distinctive vegetarian feed, and expert farmers for unparalleled quality.

See what chefs are saying about Hudson Valley Farms.

Chef Todd English
I have been using Hudson Valley products since their inception. They stand for the best and purist quality, Chef Michael Ginor would not have it any other way.
Chef John Tesar
Hudson Valley Farms is raising the finest poultry a chef can find!

Who’s Who of Food From James Beard

Founders Michael and Izzy are esteemed in the culinary community, having been recognized in the James Beard Foundation's Who's Who of Food and Beverage. The farm has also been honored with esteemed culinary distinctions, including the Award of Excellence from the American Tasting Institute and the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Hudson Valley Farms truly exemplifies care, community, and culinary excellence.

Introducing the Moulard Duck

Hudson Valley Farms leads the way in bringing the Moulard breed of duck to the United States, resulting in an extraordinary hybrid that combines the best qualities of Pekin and Muscovy. Experience the pinnacle of flavor, color, texture, and size with their ruby-red duck breasts boasting a steak-like texture. Elevate these features by dry aging them. Additionally, their perfectly balanced duck legs are ideal for braising or transforming into delectable confit.

Elevated Animal Welfare

Thriving in spacious, cage-free environments and nurtured within open barns, Hudson Valley ducks receive exceptional care and attention. They are nourished with a proprietary vegetarian blend of corn and soy, completely free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Dedicated farmers diligently oversee each flock throughout their entire lifecycle, adapting techniques to ensure optimal care tailored to the unique needs of the ducks. At Hudson Valley, they believe in minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability. Even after processing, every part of the animal serves a purpose. Feathers are repurposed for cozy down products, skin is rendered and made available for sale, and bones find new life in creating nutritious broth and pet food.

Community-Focused Farming

Nurturing a strong sense of community, Hudson Valley Farms is home to on-site housing for their farmers, fostering collaboration and care. The commitment extends beyond their grounds, as they proudly sponsor a free health care clinic for employees and the local community, while also nurturing a vibrant community garden. Engaging in charitable initiatives, they actively partner with esteemed organizations like City Harvest, Meals on Wheels, and Autism Speaks.

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