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11 Time Wagyu Champion in Japan

You read that right. Iwate is an 11-time champion, the most wins among all Japan's prefectures, and a highly sought after delicacy in Japan. Its 11 titles were awarded at Japan's National Beef Carcass Competition - aka the Zenkoku Edaniki Kyoureikai - which is not to be confused with the "Wagyu Olympics". Both competitions are well respected in Japan with the main differences between the two competitions being the organizations that run the contests and when they occur. If you want to know more about the differences between the two competitions - you can read them here.

Japan’s Most Sustainable Wagyu

Iwate doesn't just have the most awards, it's also Japan’s most sustainable wagyu. This beef is raised on a single farm from birth to harvest, and no growth hormones are ever used. Compost and organic, natural fertilizer is used on rice paddies producing a high-quality rice straw feed that gives this delicious wagyu its rich umami flavor, and healthy oleic acid count. Read more about the sustainable farming cycle of the farmers behind this beef.

New Exclusive Cuts

A5 Zabuton (Denver Steak)
This cut has an incredibly tender flavor that is beefy but not overwhelming, with nutty notes on the bite and an unmistakable umami aftertaste.
A5 Chuck Steak
When you try this cut, the clean-taste and its satisfying mouth-feel will give your palate a well-rounded steaky flavor. Try this cut if you want a good balance between umami and sweetness.
A5 Chuck Eye Steak
Like the chuck steak, this cut has a well-balanced flavor profile with equal parts beefiness, wagyu sweetness, and umami goodness. It's a flavor experience you'll want to try.
Read more about our new cuts.

Perfectly Balanced Flavor  

Iwate Gyu is uniquely known among Japanese Wagyu enthusiasts for striking the perfect balance of sweetness and umami. Its exquisite umami flavor reflects its environmentally sustainable practices of being raised from birth to harvest on one farm, and finished on locally grown and harvested Iwate rice straw. Each cut has its own unique subtle undertones, but all yield a good balance of sweetness and umami richness.

How to Cook A5 Wagyu

Bite-size portions. Slice into small strips and cook each one at a time. With A5 Wagyu, a little goes a long way, so savor and enjoy as you go.
Season. Sprinkle a little sea salt (e.g. sel gris), to taste. Pepper is okay, too. Season lightly so you can savor and enjoy the flavor of the meat itself. Alternatively, you can season after cooking the meat. The choice is up to you.
Cook on Stainless Steel. Sear the meat (slices approximately 1-inch by 4-inches) directly on the hot surface of the pan for 1 to 2 minutes per side. There is no need to add oil whatsoever. The fat from the A5 will melt out and provide more than enough for cooking.


We’ve gone to great (and enormously delicious) lengths to bring you Japanese Wagyu, sourced directly from an elite group of Wagyu farmers in the Kagoshima, Iwate Gyu & Kagawa prefecture.


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