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About Kahlig Ranches

For Tina Kahlig, the question was never “Do I want to be a farmer?” Growing up on the family farm means that she always felt an affinity to the land and the countryside. Though Tina and her husband Clarence live in the city now, they visit their ranch on a weekly basis to check in with the cattle, Tina’s father (who still lives on the ranch!), and their ranch manager Travis.

Both Tina and Clarence come from five generations of country farmers but they haven’t always raised fullblood Wagyu. While on a hunting trip, a friend introduced the Kahligs to Wagyu beef. Believe it or not, that friend is a doctor who raved about the health benefits that come from eating Wagyu. After that trip, Tina brought home a Wagyu tenderloin for Clarence’s birthday and they were hooked!

Kahlig Ranches Beef

Starting their Herd

When they had the opportunity to purchase a Wagyu herd, the Kahligs didn’t hesitate. Because Clarence had a heart issue, they knew they needed to eat healthier. That meant no red meat or healthier red meat. Wagyu was the answer. They could raise healthy and delicious beef for their personal needs and, as the herd grew, consider sharing their beef with the world.

“We look for healthy traits,” Tina says. “The fat in Wagyu cattle is healthier, more like olive oils, and that’s very important to us. When you taste it and see the marbling, you can taste the difference. And the fact that we know where it’s coming from, that makes a difference too.”

With 3,200 acres for the herd to enjoy, the Kahligs focus on stress-free lives for their cattle. Between minerals, natural feed, coastal bermuda grasses, coastal hay, and oats, the herd enjoys a varied diet.

Kahlig Ranch Couple

Hard Work Pays Off

The herd is regularly rotated through grassy pastures with a variety of seasonal crops. The natural creek and river on the ranch means there are always tender greens sprouting up near the water. Sometimes the cattle even wade into the water for refreshment during the hot summer months!

The Kahligs’ hard work raising a healthy herd pays off. Their Wagyu beef is mild and tender with beautiful marbling, while simultaneously offering decadent flavors and healthy omega-3 fats!

“We’re so spoiled that we don’t want to eat any other meat,” Tina shares. “But we’re happy to help people who can’t have a farm and raise their own cattle but still want homegrown beef!”

Kahlig Ranches Herd


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