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Fullblood Black Wagyu

Larry Tebben and his wife Michele believe in living a holistic life and knowing where things come from, which is why they’re committed to raising Fullblood Black Wagyu at Tebben Ranches in Floresville. Over the past 12 years, Larry has built a strong herd with extremely good marbling.

“It’s been my passion since I discovered it,” Larry said. “I always believed that when you have a passion for something, you’re going to become very good at it.”

Raising the Best Herd

The scene is idyllic. With rolling green hills on one side and reservoirs strategically placed throughout the estate, the cattle graze on Coastal Bermuda and Bluestem grasses. 200-year-old Live Oak trees grant a reprieve from the Texas sun. In the winter months, the herd enjoys winter grasses and clovers that sprout from the river bottom.

Larry started his Fullblood Wagyu herd with a few heifers and now raises more than 200 purebred black Wagyu cattle. His commitment to authentic breeding practices and good ranching protocols pairs the herd’s national lineage with Texas charm. The pasture-raised Wagyu cattle are finished on all-natural feed and mineral-rich water from the ranch reservoirs.


Living with the Land

In addition to the Wagyu herd, Michele cares for two honeybee hives. The fresh, all-natural sweetener made at their ranch demonstrates their devotion to living with the land.

Larry said “We like to know where it’s coming from. When you eat honey from your neighborhood or beef from your own farm, it’s like a holistic medicine that helps your health because the bees pollinate from flowers in the area and use water from your own water supply.”

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