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Crowd Cow Reviews

5 Stars

We're gonna need a bigger freezer.... just got our Steakhouse Classics pack, and New York Steak mix today from Crowd Cow. We had Chuck Eye steaks last week, and DANG if those weren't the bomb. The Chuck Eye might be the 'runt' of the Rib Eye steaks, but you wouldn't know if from these cuts... Also got more hamburger patties since those are to DIE for!! Can't WAIT to try those Rib Steaks and the Tenderloin. The Chuck Eyes we had would rival some Tenderloins I've had, so THESE tenderloins have GOT to be good....

Mark H. of Mountlake Terrace, Washington
21 orders from Engle Family Farms, Pasturebird, Roaring Springs Ranch and 3 more farms

I love this service! Now I finally have an excuse to get a deep freezer so I can stock up on awesome beef. :)

Jody K.

It's like Christmas but way tastier! Thank you for the little surprise!!! Love you guys!!!

Marianna D. of Spring, Texas

I'm so happy that you guys created this and that I found it. It is such an easy way to get amazing quality beef and the prices are great. Plus I'm trying some cuts that I never would have otherwise.

Marie H. of Seattle, Washington
54 orders from Novy Ranches, Roaring Springs Ranch, Deck Family Farm and 42 more farms

Grass Fed, Grass Finished... Washington grown... Tech meets boucherie... Done right!

Phill M. of Snohomish, Washington
68 orders from Gebbers Cattle, Pasturebird, Windy N Ranch and 28 more farms

P.S. Phenomenal packaging on my last purchase! Wow. Seriously.

Cheryl P. of Mercer Island, Washington

These hamburgers are so incredibly good! Eat bite tastes like steak. I cooked a couple of patties last night, then braised with kale in the pan drippings...amazing. I can't say enough about this beef!

Jan P. of Buckeye, Arizona
41 orders from Novy Ranches, Hutterian Farm, Gebbers Wagyu and 28 more farms

I must thank you for this service. I have severe allergies that require my food not consume corn, and so far, this has been some of the "safest" beef I've ever consumed. No allergic reactions whatsoever, plus I get the bonus of knowing I'm making a wonderfully nutritious, healthy meal for my friends for our little Sunday Wind-down dinners. (My Sunday crowd is immensely grateful for Crowd Cow, too.)

Dee W. of Seattle, Washington
55 orders from Hutterian Farm, Pasturebird, Wilderness Farms and 34 more farms

I just want to say that we tried our first hamburger from crowd cow this weekend and they were amazing!!! You can expect an order from me in the future!

Jennifer C. of Everett, Washington
31 orders from Pasturebird, Novy Ranches, Hidden River Farms and 3 more farms

I just wanted to say that I cooked up a batch of beef shanks last weekend - osso bucco style - and it was melt in your mouth good.

Bill H. of Olympia, Washington

the Crowd Cow burgers were "knock your socks off delicious"! Having been a vegetarian for the formative cooking years of my life, I’m still learning how to cook meat and look forward to every guide and menu you post. Thanks to Crowd Cow, I’m officially a Red Meat Snob

Deb H. of Springfield, Oregon

I loathe and despise factory farming---how do people sleep at night? Thanks for connecting farmers and consumers. I love this idea.

Catharine F.

I am not a fan of grass fed- I was just giving it another go- Forest Cattle beef is amazing! I could not believe it- my pickier than I husband loved it- it is wonderful! It’s got this incredible rich mineral flavor to it- we’re blown away, huge fans, thanks so much for this website, I am so happy to support my local farmers!


Just grilled my first steaks last night. That beef is amazing!

Angelo L. of Troy, New York

Grilled up some Kalbi short ribs for a well rounded and delish Korean meal. The flavor of these grass fed and aged short ribs from Crowd Cow are out of this world. Perfectly marbled (zero random pockets of fat) and so so flavorful.


Got my beef! All is wonderful! We want to thank you SO much for letting us know what's happening all the way across the board. When it was shipped, put on truck and delivered! That's wonderful service and we've never known anyone that would to that - THANK YOU!

Ju T G. of Milton, Washington

I cooked the Magnolia Waygu rib eye tonight and it was AWESOME!!! From frozen to done in just 15 minutes. Cast iron sear and then a 525 oven on the rack. I love Crowd Cow.

Ben D. of Bellevue, Washington
17 orders from Mishima Reserve and Pacific Rogue Wagyu

The Kalbi ribs – OMG! Amazing flavor and texture. I made a simple marinade of soy, fresh ginger, garlic and red pepper flakes – then just let the meat marinate while the grill heated up. I actually cooked the ribs about 2-3 minutes on each side - they were still pretty rare. Delicious. Heavenly. Other worldly.

Laurie B. of Rochester, Washington
25 orders from Sweet Grass Farm, Pasturebird, Roaring Springs Ranch and 10 more farms

We received our first order recently. The process was so easy, and the notifications were excellent. Best of all, the beef was AMAZING in quality and taste. We will definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you!

Robin N. of Suffolk, Virginia
84 orders from Sweet Grass Farm, Pasturebird, Harlow Cattle Company and 59 more farms

Excellent Product. Awesome service. Nice to know where your meat comes from and what they were eating as well. Thanks Crowd Cow!

Gary S. of Seattle, Washington
We believe in creating a meaningful connection between you and the food you eat. Taste, transparency and convenience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. This has been our founding belief since we started in 2015, and it continues to be the force that drives us.
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