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Gebbers Cattle

Rich Hutchins | Brewster, WA

Gebbers Cattle

Gebbers Cattle is a 5th-generation cattle farm located in Brewster, Washington. The family first moved to Washington state for its rich timber industry, and quickly added cattle farming to their expertise.


Gebbers raises 100% pure Black Angus, and the cattle spend their entire lives on the farm grazing lush forest and meadow grass, and munching on a mix of grains, including nutrient-rich corn silage raised on-site. With a commitment to using only the best practices around, Gebbers gives their cattle ample room to graze, never using growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. The result is healthy cows that produce beautifully marbled beef.

What makes Gebbers beef special?

Gebbers Cattle Co. is part of Gebbers Farm, one of the largest fruit orchards in the country. Their cattle get a diet of stuff that's grown within 35 miles of their pastures -- a combination of grains the Gebbers purchase, and fruits and vegetables they grow on-site including alfalfa, apple pomace, and corn. The herd is never given growth hormones, and antibiotics are used only on an as-needed basis -- none of that "subtherapeutic" medicine stuff found on factory farms.


Everything that grows at Gebbers Farms is reused. Fruit trees no longer bearing fruit are converted to wood chips, and added to a mixture that also includes overripe fruit and manure. This mix is turned into mulch and fertilizes the orchards as well as the corn fields. This one-of-a-kind approach makes for healthy cows started on grass and finished on energy-rich grain to produce delicately marbled beef.

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