Hutterian Farm

Ed Gross | Reardan, WA

Hutterian Farm

Located in the rich pasturelands of Eastern Washington, Hutterian Farm is owned and operated by the Spokane Hutterite Brethren. They are a communal group, working together to raise crops, beef and poultry for themselves and their local region.

Hutterian Farm

A self-sustaining community, the Hutterites have their own church and schools, and follow their ancestors’ generations-old tradition of conservation farming and land stewardship. They're particularly focused on soil health -- instead of tilling or plowing their land before planting, they use a technique called direct seeding to keep the soil healthy and intact.

No growth hormones are ever used on Hutterian Farm, and antibiotics are only administered on an as-needed basis, if an animal happens to get sick. None of that sub-therapeutic, constant-medicine stuff that industrially raised cows get.

The herd grazes on the Hutterites' 13,000 acre farm, enjoying lush green native grasses, as well as corn and peas raised by the community. Animals raised in such a calm, peaceful way result in beef that’s delicious and beautifully marbled.

What Makes Hutterian Beef So Special

Each community member is elected to a position. On the Spokane Hutterian Farm, the role of tending to the beef herd goes to Ed Gross. An avid farmer since he was a young boy helping his uncle milk cows, Ed has since delved deeply into cow genetics and husbandry.

His keen focus on growing a healthy, docile herd that yields tasty beef has lead to a unique blend of grass and grain-feeding for the community’s 100% Angus cattle. The cows graze on lush green pastures, and then are finished with peas and corn that are grown using the no-till planting method on the community’s very own farms. The cows never receive added antibiotics or growth hormones.

The Hutterites' mastery of farming, passed down for generations, has gained them a reputation for really, really great beef in Washington State and beyond. Try it out -- it's some of the most tender beef you’ll ever enjoy.

What is Grain-Finished Beef?

Grain-finished beef from our partnered farms is not the same as what comes from concentrated feedlot operations. We partner with farmers who care for their animals by letting them graze lush pastures for the vast majority of their lives before finishing on homegrown grains in friendly and humane conditions. We've met farmers who grow their own grain to feed their cattle, using artisanal ingredients like millet or apple pomace. Pasture-raised, grain-finished cows from small-scale, well-managed farms live healthy and enjoyable lives to create tasty, nutrient-laden beef.


Many customers prefer grain-finished beef for its marbling and tenderness. Grain-finished beef also tends to produce a milder steak flavor than grass-finished beef (which is dependent on seasonal grasses), though both, when done well, result in a fantastic steak. Crowd Cow’s pastured-raised, grain-finished beef is guilt-free grain that you can feel good about. If you know the name of the farmer, you can trust that they care for their cattle.

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