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Dungeness Crab Salad


★★★★★ “The Dungeness Crab was just amazing!! I ordered more! " — Sara, M. of Chicago, Illinois ★★★★★ “The Dungeness Crab was just amazing!! I ordered more! " — Sara, M. of Chicago, Illinois


A Prized Pacific Northwest Delicacy

Abundant in the Puget Sound and all along the western coastline, Dungeness Crab is a true staple and symbol of the Pacific Northwest — loved for their sweet, mild and slightly nutty-briny taste and tender body meat. Its scientific name, Metacarcinus magister, means, “the master crab” — a title fitting for this fan-favorite crustacean of seafood lovers. Caught in pots with low bycatch, all Dungeness Crab from Dana F. Besecker Co. is brought in for harvest and processing the very same day to lock in premium freshness. Enjoy a whole piece pulled out of the claw for an especially meaty bite, dipped in melted butter or finished with just squeeze of lemon, or shred the delicate meat to add to a favorite crab cake or summer salad recipe.

Dungeness Crab Photo

Dungeness Crab Cooking Guides

Type Method Cook Temp Avg Time Finish Temp
Crab Meat Sear Med-High 5-7 mins 145 °F
Crab Legs Steamed Boiling 7-10 mins 145 °F
Whole Crab Broil 450 °F 15-20 mins 145 °F

Nutrition: A 3.5 oz serving Dungeness Crab has 93 calories, 19 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 65 mg of cholesterol and 321 mg of sodium.

Dungeness Crab FAQ

What part of a Dungeness Crab is edible?

Dungeness Crabs have edible meat in both their bodies and claws.

Does Dungeness Crab taste better than Blue Crab?

"Better" is a question of preference. Dungeness Crabs tend to be meatier and have a nuttier flavor while blue crabs are known for its delicate texture and slightly sweet meat.

Where does Crowd Cow's Dungeness Crab come from?

Crabs are caught off the coasts of Oregon and Washington in the Pacific Northwest.

Is the Dungeness Crab we sell chemically processed?

Nope! The Dungeness Crab is not processed using any chemicals. Each one is brush cleaned and inspected by hand. The product is treated with a salt water solution during freezing to preserve the freshness and keep the product from drying out during storage.

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