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Sliced Top Sirloin

The Top Sirloin Steak

What is a Top Sirloin Steak?

The top sirloin steak is a cut of beef from the top sirloin subprimal cut. The sirloin subprimal is divided into several types of steak, with the top sirloin being the higher-end cut. The lower-end cut from the sirloin subprimal, known as the bottom sirloin, is typically labeled simply "sirloin steak" versus the coveted top sirloin. In general, meat from the sirloin subprimal has less marbling, making it a moderately lean cut with a firmer texture than a tenderloin. It's a very versatile cut with a robust beefy flavor that can be grilled, broiled, pan-fried, or roasted, and are often served with sauces such as mushroom sauce, béarnaise sauce, or peppercorn sauce.

Top Sirloin Cut EDU Image



Top Sirloin Steak Cooking Guides

Method Cook Temp Avg Time Finish Temp
Sear Med-High 8-11 mins 145°F
Grill 400°F 11-13 mins 145°F
Sous Vide 135°F 2 hrs 145°F

Note: The above guidelines are only guard rails. Stoves, pans and steak sizes vary; to achieve the perfectly cooked top sirloin, it's always good to have a meat thermometer handy and check internal temp regularly.


Top Sirloin FAQ

Is top sirloin a good steak?

The top sirloin is a lean, thick cut of steak with a bold, beefy flavor that lends itself well to marinades and sauces.

Is top sirloin steak tough?

Top sirloin steak is a versatile cut but when cooked wrong it can be result in a tough and chewy bite. The important thing is to not overcook the top sirloin. We recommend sous vide the steak first, then finish it with a hot sear - basting it with butter.