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Beef and Beer Pairing Tips for International Beer Day

By Caitlin Postal - Steak, scotch, and the line where the sky meets the sea.

Today is International Beer Day so Hoppy International Beer Day! Get it? Hoppy, like hops. Anyway, nothing pairs better with a crisp cool glass of your favorite beer than great-tasting beef of all shapes and sizes. It's best when the beer matches the profile of the meal, so balance heavier meals with darker beers and lighter meals with pale ales.

We want to share some of our favorite pairings and tip you off to some new recipes so you can spend tonight toasting the best of beef and beers! And no, the puns won't stop till the stein's been drained and the grill's gone out.

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IPA + Burger

The one and only, the class, the beer and burger. Bitter hops and notes of citrus pair well with each savory bite of a juicy burger. A variety of toppings means you can create custom burgers tailored to each person's favorite flavors. It's a golden hop-portunity not to be missed.

Pot Roast

Belgian + Pot Roast

With so many delicious Belgian ales, how's a gal supposed to choose? When paired with a robust pot roast, I'm leaning amber ale. Rich and malted with a light hint of fruit, an amber ale provides a sweet finish to go with the luxury of a good pot roast. Better yet, add some ale to the pot roast stock. Yum.


Lager + Tacos

I know Taco Tuesday is a thing but can Taco Everyday be the new thing? Tacos bring together some of my favorite things: seasoned meat (ground beef is great and spicy seasoning even better), shredded cheese (preferably that melts as soon as you sprinkle it onto your taco), and a variety of veggies, salsas, or guac (guac!) all contained in manageable bites on a crunchy corn tortilla (yes corn, always corn, never flour). A crisp lager perfectly compliments the variety of flavors. I recommend a light lager to bring out the chili powder, cumin, and paprika of most taco seasonings.

Tenderloin steak

Porter + Steak

Porter, meet porterhouse. The rich and malted dark beer is a quintessential match for a great steak. Charred malt makes a delicious porter and charred steak means double the delicious flavors. They're the peas in a pod for a meat-eater who probably isn't fond of peas (don't worry, we're all friends here -- I don't like peas either).

Becky's BBQ brisket

Bock + Brisket

A strong German lager, the Bock has a creamy malted flavor that balances the tenderness of brisket. The warm and toasty flavors of this beer plus the smokey fullness of a good brisket make for an unforgettable meal.

Steak salad

Hefeweizen + Steak Salad

The light, unfiltered flavors of a Hefeweizen are best suited for an equally light meal, like a Mediterrannean Steak Salad. Light and fresh veggies tossed with a simple dressing and paired with notes of banana and clove in the refreshing Hefeweizen.

However you pair your beef and beer, be sure to tag us on social media with #crowdcow! (And if you're really ambitious, you can sneak in some mustard for National Mustard Day.) Happy international beer day! Stay safe and enjoy!

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