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Crowd Cow opens Turkey pre-sale for Thanksgiving

By Caitlin Postal - Steak, scotch, and the line where the sky meets the sea.

Seattle, Washington, September 2018 We’re launching our annual Thanksgiving turkey pre-sale from the family-owned and operated Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana. On September 10th, place your order for a humanely raised turkey that tastes great no matter how you cook it.

By reserving your turkey early, you’re sure to get this fantastic bird in time for your holiday meal. We get our turkeys from a family farm that raises a limited flock each year, ensuring that these birds have open pastures to roam and forage. Because of this, we can only offer a certain number of turkeys to our customers, so it’s really important that you reserve your bird early if you want the most delicious turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Greg and Lei Gunthorp raise broad-breasted white turkeys on pasture at their family farm in northern Indiana. The flock (or, more accurately, the "rafter") is raised entirely without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and roams free on Certified Organic pasture, foraging for grasses and bugs.

“The Gunthorp turkey last year was the best turkey we’ve ever had and we look forward to getting another one this year,” says Crowd Cow customer Mark Y. “I’ve spent decades refining my roast turkey recipe (it’s my proudest secret) and the family and friends we invited have graciously given me rave reviews but never as much as last year — thanks to the incredible quality of that turkey.”

Our mission to bring the best craft meats to customers is not limited to the current lineup of beef, pork, and chicken. During the salmon season earlier this year, we offered Copper River Salmon sourced directly from Alaska. This year’s Thanksgiving turkey presale demonstrates our commitment of bringing the best quality craft meats directly from small-scale independent producers to you.

Q: What type of turkey is this?
A: The breed is known as broad-breasted white turkey. Raised on Certified Organic pastures.

Q: When will my turkey arrive?
A: You'll receive your turkey the week of November 12th. We'll send several notifications and tracking information once your shipment is scheduled.

Q: I'm not sure where I'll be for Thanksgiving.
A: No worries, you'll still have time to change the address and person receiving the turkey after you place your order but before your turkey ships. We'll pack it with plenty of dry ice and, as always, no signature will be required.

Greg Gunthorp grilling turkey
Greg Gunthorp grilling some turkey!
Pasture-Raised Turkeys - A new tradition from classic methods

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Bring the farmer's tradition into your family's tradition.


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