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Cottonwood Ranch

Paul Uhlenkott | Front Royal, VA

Cottonwood Ranch

Located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Cottonwood Ranch is owned and operated by Paul and Kristin Uhlenkott. Cottonwood is a true family farm, with the couple’s children pitching in with the care and feeding of the herd.

Uhlenkott Family

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Paul grew up cattle-farming and raising wheat and barley on his grandparents’ farm. Never losing his love of working the land, Paul and Kristin gladly purchased a hobby farm after moving to Virginia. One cow soon lead to a 120-head herd as word-of-mouth spread about Cottonwood’s delicious grass-fed, grain-finished beef.

These peaceful pure Black Angus cows graze the rolling hills, eating only the very best food and never given growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. No fertilizers or pesticides are used, and the brewer's mash is GMO-free.

What makes Cottonwood beef special?

In driving distance to exceptional craft breweries, Cottonwood Ranch has developed a unique relationship with these local businesses to purchase their brew mash. A high fiber, high protein byproduct of fermentation, brew mash is made with GMO-free oats and barley. When supplemented to their cattle’s rich grass diet, the brew mash gives Cottonwood beef a beautifully marbled finish.

Cottonwood Ranch

Cottonwood’s unique blend of grass-feeding coupled with brew-mash finishing results in cattle that are healthy and hearty, and beef that’s tender and delicious.

What is Grain-Finished Beef?

Grain-finished beef from our partnered farms is not the same as what comes from concentrated feedlot operations. We partner with farmers who care for their animals by letting them graze lush pastures for the vast majority of their lives before finishing on homegrown grains in friendly and humane conditions. We've met farmers who grow their own grain to feed their cattle, using artisanal ingredients like millet or apple pomace. Pasture-raised, grain-finished cows from small-scale, well-managed farms live healthy and enjoyable lives to create tasty, nutrient-laden beef.


Many customers prefer grain-finished beef for its marbling and tenderness. Grain-finished beef also tends to produce a milder steak flavor than grass-finished beef (which is dependent on seasonal grasses), though both, when done well, result in a fantastic steak. Crowd Cow’s pastured-raised, grain-finished beef is guilt-free grain that you can feel good about. If you know the name of the farmer, you can trust that they care for their cattle.

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