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Local Washington Beef

Washington’s rainy climate yields incredibly lush grasses which produce delicious local beef. When you purchase meat from farms near Seattle, you are directly supporting the local economy, rewarding outstanding family farms for their commitment to animal welfare and the land, and lowering your carbon footprint. Become a part of the local movement today.

"Great tasting local beef at reasonable prices!"
— Travis S. of Bonney Lake, Washington

Buying Local Tastes Better

Over 86% of meat in this country is produced by 4 companies who employ massive feedlot processes to achieve low prices but compromise on flavor, nutritional value, the environment, and animal welfare. Our independent farms in Washington are committed to superior flavor and humane practices, and by working directly with farmers and skipping the overhead of retail, you’ll have unbeatable prices for this extraordinary meat. We've also partnered with local legends - Ethan Stowell, Shake Shack and the Mariners - to bring local farms' flavorful beef to your favorite restaurants.

This hometown team supports their local community in many different ways - one is through their local beef purchases through Crowd Cow. "We wanted to level up our burgers, so now we use Crowd Cow's ethically-raised burger patties. Seattle Mariner fans can’t get enough!" — Taylor Park, Chef for the Seattle Mariners

Chef and founder of local favorites Tavolata, Cortina, and many more, this Seattle native is a big fan of our farmers. "I use Crowd Cow for a variety of selection, and it's a great story that I can tell my customers to feel confident of the product they are putting into their bodies. The taste and quality of it is on a different level". - Ethan Stowell

This hip gourmet fast-food chain is a big supporter of local beef. Shake Shack turned to Crowd Cow to make their signature Seattle burger — the Montlake Double Cut — with higher quality meat and a smaller carbon footprint.

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