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Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs

Region | Chicken Thighs are easy to identify. This cut is the entire thigh muscle, connected to the hip and knee joints, above the cut we refer to as the drumstick. Incredibly versatile, full-flavored, and simple to cook, Chicken Thighs are typically the best value cut from the entire chicken.

Preparation | Chicken Thighs are ready for anything. Along with drumsticks, Chicken Thighs have the richest, natural chicken flavor. They work seamlessly across cuisines and will turn out wonderfully when cooked on the grill, the stovetop, or the oven. Go wild with seasoning — you can’t go wrong. Just remember to season both on top and underneath the skin. Chicken Thighs can be dry-rubbed or marinated — they can even withstand acidic marinades without toughening up.

Cooking Tips | Chicken Thighs are incredibly versatile offering almost endless possibilities. Temperature is the most important thing to keep in mind when cooking Chicken Thighs. Unlike the temperature-sensitive chicken breast, Chicken Thighs shine in the heat. Higher temperatures will break down the additional fat and collagen found in Chicken Thighs. Aim to cook these until they reach an internal temperature of the USDA recommended 165-180 degrees. Our go-to recipe for this cut is simple — coat these pasture-raised Chicken Thighs in your favorite BBQ sauce or dry rub, and cook to 180 degrees on the grill, skin side down, for crispy texture with amazing flavor.

Why We Love It | Prize the thighs! This versatile, flavorful cut doesn’t require much to be delicious. Chicken Thighs work with virtually any flavor profile, a multitude of cooking methods, and perhaps best of all, you basically never have to worry about them drying out! What’s not to love?

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