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Ribeye Steak Pair

The Ribeye Steak

What is a Ribeye Steak?

The rib steak or ribeye is a cut of beef from the rib section, one of the nine primal cuts, and is prized for its tenderness and flavor. The ribeye is a boneless cut taken from the rib section of beef cattle while the rib steak is a bone-in ribeye. It is a very tender cut of meat, containing more marbling than other cuts. The USDA recommends cooking ribeye steaks to an internal temperature of 145°F. The average 4 oz serving of ribeye has about 220 calories, 24 grams of protein, and only 6 grams of fat. It's best cooked over high heat, and because of its fat content, it will still be juicy even if you cook it to medium. Ribeye is best served with a little salt and pepper, and it's also great with a flavorful sauce.

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Ribeye Steak Cooking Guides

Method Cook Temp Avg Time Finish Temp
Sear Med-High 10-12 mins 145°F
Grill 450°F 10-15 mins 145°F
Sous Vide 130°F 2 hrs 145°F

Note: The above guidelines are only guardrails. Stoves, pans and steak sizes vary; to achieve the perfectly cooked Ribeye Steak, it's always good to have a meat thermometer handy and check internal temp regularly.

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Ribeye Steak FAQ

Is ribeye a good cut of steak?

The ribeye is a good steak for steak lovers looking for the best sear and a buttery, tender, and juicy cut. The fat ratio is what gives the ribeye steak its excellent flavor profile and is also what separates this cut from other top steaks.

Is sirloin or ribeye better?

The sirloin steak is a much leaner cut when compared to the ribeye. A Ribeye has a lot more marbling, which translates to a buttery flavored bite while the sirloin packs a beefy flavor and has a nice chew without being too tough.

Is the ribeye better than new york strip?

One is not better than the other; they're just different. A ribeye has more marbling than a New York Strip. Due to the higher fat content, the Ribeye is a better choice for steak lovers that want a tender, juicy steak with an almost buttery texture.

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