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Clark Family Farms

Todd Clark | Lexington, KY

Clark Family Farms

Clark Family Farms’ Chicken

Clark Family Farms’ Chicken First-generation farmer Todd Clark wanted “to do something [he’s] proud of: raise high-quality, nutrient-dense food.” At Clark Family Farms, he rotates his chickens in 'chicken tractors' daily, following the rotations of sheep and cattle. What results from the Kentucky bluegrass fields, limestone-filtered water, and close care Todd takes is chicken with such concentrated flavor you’ll feel like you’re sitting down to a farm dinner in the hills outside Lexington.


Rotating Chickens, Restoring the Soil

Since 2005, Todd Clark hasn’t had to fertilize his pastures once, because his diversified livestock farm is all about capitalizing on natural fertilizer.

“Everything is always in motion on the farm,” he explains. “We rotate the chicken shelters daily, so they’re fertilizing the pastures as they go. They follow the cattle and sheep. Every time we soil-sample the fields, we prove all over again how well it works. We don’t need fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides.”

The Flavor Difference of Happy Birds

Todd Clark knew he wanted to farm in a way that was both ethical for the animals and that ensured delicious, nutritious food. That’s why as soon as the chickens are two weeks old and have grown the feathers necessary to keep themselves warm, he and his 20-year-old son Aaron move them from a heated and covered brooder out to the bottomless chicken tractors on pasture, where the birds are free to exit the shelter and roam around to peck for worms, or stay to eat the free-choice, non-GMO, locally sourced feed Todd provides.

“Maybe I’m partial,” Todd says, “but I think this pasture-based system is what gives such great taste and texture. You’ll notice a dramatic difference.”

Supporting a Better Food System

If it weren’t for people like Crowd Cow customers, Todd says, “we’d have to do it like everyone else. Our philosophy is about animal welfare and sustainable systems. And people supporting us through Crowd Cow lets us farm the way we want to farm.”

We’re really excited to be offering chicken

Since we launched Crowd Cow just over 2 years ago, we’ve been committed to connecting our members with ranchers producing some of the best beef in the world, and making it as convenient as possible to support them. You've told us from the start that you want us to apply those same values of transparency and convenience to other meats, too. So that’s why today we’re excited to offer pasture-raised chicken from independent farmers committed to our mission.

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