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The Piedmontese Difference

The blending of two breeds, Piedmontese and Angus, create a unique lean and tender culinary experience. Piedmontese cattle are endorsed by the American Heart Association; they’re naturally low in cholesterol and fat, and they are naturally tender - making this beef more flavorful and better for you. Whether you’re cooking stew, a steak or a burger - this beef will change the way you taste lean meat.

The Farmer Behind KD Piedmontese Beef

Natural Grazing Practices

Rotational grazing and thoughtful husbandry sustains the land's natural ecosystem, and provides this herd with healthy development and growth. These cattle enjoy grazing on Red Top, Blue Bunch Grass, Timothy, Sweet Clover, Crested Wheatgrass, and Rye Grass and are finished on a natural program of non-GMO corn silage, alfalfa, and grain.

“We're basically mimicking what the buffalo did back in the early days of the United States before we were here. We rotate them out and the grass comes back nice and green.” - Chase.

Why Piedmontese?

Located in the scablands west of Spokane, Washington, the Hubbard family needed a hardy breed that could thrive on the countryside, harsh winters, and extreme heats of summer. In the late ‘90s, they started raising Piedmontese cattle to provide healthier meat to the people who want it.

Piedmontese cattle are renowned for their double muscling, which increases tenderness and reduces marbling. Their herd is docile and easy to handle, prized traits for a cattle herd. These traits makes it easy to keep the herd out of riparian areas where native wildlife thrive.

Humble Beginnings

A dog, a horse, and a pickup truck. These three things were the humble beginnings of KD Piedmontese, a family farm run by Chase Hubbard whose parents, Kris and David (the “KD” in KD Piedmontese), moved to eastern Washington to build onto an existing ranch. Now, Chase and his father raise Piedmontese-Angus cattle on native pasture grasses and a low-stress handling environment.

“I always wanted to be a cattle rancher,” shares Chase. “I was born here and grew up here. I tried country music and even recorded an album but I wanted to be on the ranch. It’s in my blood.”


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