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Family Operated

The Ralston family has been ranching in Hansford County, Texas for over 100 years — ever since Rex’s great-grandfather made his way to Texas in the early 1900s. He rode all over the Texas Panhandle to find the best value for the best land and ultimately found that Hansford County was already perfect.

Now Rex, who grew up on this ranch, is the go-to guy. After his grandfather passed away, Rex and his wife moved into the family house to raise their daughters. “I feel like, as a rancher, our duty in life is to take care of the animals and provide for them,” Rex shares. “I get to raise my kids with a good work ethic and I get to be outside, which is incredible. You get to plant a seed, take care of it, then harvest it and it’s a pretty big feeling of accomplishment.”

Fullblood Wagyu Straight from Texas

Though the Ralstons have been raising cattle at Ralston Land & Cattle for the past 44 years, Rex brought fullblood Wagyu into the herd about 12 years ago. He joined the original board of the Texas Wagyu Association and started building his herd.

Taste the Quality

The Ralston herd spends most of their life enjoying open pastures with native Buffalo grass and Bluestem grass. The cattle enjoys a snack of free choice minerals when they choose to, and extra homegrown hay and a corn cube in the winters.

We’re excited to share the smooth and buttery beef from Ralston Land & Cattle. Because Wagyu beef has a lower melting point, be sure to watch your meat as you’re cooking so you don’t lose all the juicy flavor that comes from the intramuscular fat.

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