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Chickens Refined By Nature

For White Oak, raising juicier and more tender chicken starts with nature. Nestled among brush and trees, flocks of chickens hunt for bugs and grubs, while a few guardian dogs curiously watch the birds playful behavior from afar. The chickens’ high protein diet paired with the energy exerted to hunt for their own dinner ensures White Oak chickens grow into a healthier, leaner bird with more Omega 3s than industrialized chicken. A Non-GMO grain mix consisting of corn, soy, barley, wheat, oats, and other grains is used to supplement the high-protein diet and give the meat more flavor. White Oak’s birds are a Step 5+ in the Global Animal Partnership, are Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Non-GMO.

Chickens in Trees

Meet Will Harris

Award-winning farmer Harris is a legitimate star, not just in his native Georgia, but around the world, where his iconic work in conservancy is continually celebrated. Troubled by the shortcuts and conventional, chemical-driven direction he was seeing within his industry, Harris radically transformed his 150-year-old farm 20 years ago by taking it back to the basics. Today, White Oak Pastures stands as a leader of zero-waste, regenerative, symbiotic farming.

Will Harris

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