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The Finest Australian Wagyu

Rich, bold, and intensely marbled, W. Black Wagyu is setting a new standard for Australian Wagyu. W.Black Cattle are raised on open pastures, grazing on native Aussie grasses such as clover, rye, phalaris and cocksfoots, under the dedicated care of a small group of independent ranchers. Unlike American Wagyu, which has a corn-based grain finish, W. Black Cattle are finished on a bespoke, Japanese-inspired blend of wheat, barley and rye, which gives the beef a slightly earthy, caramel undertone and lets the natural sweetness shine. This allows the cattle to mature slowly and develop the intricate intramuscular marbling they’re known for.

W Black Wagyu

Selected with the Highest Standards

After undergoing an extensive selection process, only a very small percentage of this exceptional, highly marbled beef is branded as W. Black. A cross between the very best Angus and Fullblood Wagyu genetics, this beef offers a silky-smooth texture, supreme tenderness, and full-bodied taste. It’s also high in omega-3s and oleic acid (the good fats), making it a healthier choice for you and your family. Additionally, all beef is assessed using the official Australian grading system, an independent and audited system to ensure a consistent, highest-quality eating experience every time.

W Black Capsule Image


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